Special discount for single parent families

We want to help single-parent families make their vacation expenses more bearable! Therefore, if you book on our website and if you come alone with your child under 12 years of age, they will have a 25% direct discount.

What do I have to do to apply the discount?
Any! Our reservation system automatically gives you the discount. Just indicate 1 adult + 1 child.

Is the discount designed only for mothers or only for fathers?
Absolutely, we do not make distinctions. It is enough that there is 1 adult in the room accompanied by their child.

Where can you enjoy?
Exclusively from our website, the official hotel website. You won’t be able to benefit from it anywhere else so take advantage! You can book from here:

How old does my child have to be to get the discount?
Up to 12 years, exclusive. If he has more, he will not be able to enjoy it and you will have to add him as an adult.

What if I come with my two children?
It will only apply to the first of them.

What if we are two adults?
You will not benefit from the single-parent discount, but you will benefit from the usual discount for children.

How can I see prices and/or book to benefit?
You can see prices and book, if you are interested, from our reservation section.

Is it cumulative or compatible with other discounts?
Yes, it can be combined, for example, with coupons or with the regular customer discount.