Third and fourth adult in same room discount

If you are more than two adults in the same room, the third and fourth adults will benefit from a 25% discount on the price per adult night. They told us when we were little: you have to share!

What do I have to do to apply this discount?
Nothing, in our reservation system you will see the discounts already applied. Remember that the reservation must have a third and/or fourth adult in the same room.

From what age is considered an adult?
From the age of 12, inclusive. Although you know, we all have a child inside us 🙂

So, this discount is good for me if I come with my child/children over 12 years of age and I cannot benefit from the child discount?
Exact! If your children are over 12 years old and are therefore considered adults, they can benefit from this discount.

Is it cumulative or compatible with other discounts?
Yes, it can be combined, for example, with coupons or with the regular customer discount.